Samsāra  VI

MEDIUM: Mixed Media
DATE: Apr. 2017

Material: Epson Projector, Canon GH10, strings, letters


Samsara is a Buddhist concept associated with a cyclic belief in birth and rebirth in realms and forms between the ‘good’ and the ‘evil.’ It posits reincarnation and ways in which Karma decides which realms follow rebirth. It resembles a parallel universe; the layers are unreal, while movement happens in real space and in real time.


The layers mimic the previous life, present life, and afterlife. In Samsara the circle symbolizes progress, color (borrowed from Buddhist Prayer Flags) represents religion, Karma an action leading to future consequence. The work intends to raise doubts and differences in Eastern and Western forms of the relationship between what is present (or visual) and what is real, what exists and what is non-existent, what is physical and what is spiritual. In Samsara the ‘now’ is the space of living well, an interaction that keeps balance and action in synchronization.