Clouds — Bid the Farewell to the Past

TIME: 04Min38s
MEDIUM: Experimental Video
DATE: Aug.21.2014
EQUIPMENT:CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark 3 + Sony fs700
CAMERA LENS:24-70,70-200
SOFTWARE: Final Cut Pro + Da Vinci Resolv

About my inspiration:

This video is taken for myself in the past. One day I found some old books, clothes and photos all by chance, and then all memories suddenly poured into my mind. I began to recall what I used to be like, and how I had changed. In order to keep these things in my memory, I decided to take a short video to show my perception of the past.


About my creation:

I used both Sony fs700 and 5d mark3, because 5d3 was very light, so that I could hold it in hand to make the frames more dynamic, or create an effect of panic; while fs700 could be used for upgrade frames. When the speed was slowed, it gave people a dignified sense of ceremony. When the memory was slowed or even stopped at one frame, the past scene was then reborn in our minds, and our emotions would be fully aroused. Therefore, upgrade frames allowed emotional relief.


In post editing, I made the narration in order of the growth progress. In post sound mixing, I highlighted several sounds, like the sound of cutting off the hair and the sound of water dripping on the paper clouds. For one thing, it could strengthen the rhythm of this video; for another, it could add dynamism to the pure music background.


The color is gray and gloomy. I chose this kind of color because although I can still remember many thing in the past clearly, I can never live the past again. We’d better live the moment, and let the old days fade away in the memory, instead of mixing the past and the present life.