Wang Youshen — Per Day

TIME: 06Min44s
MEDIUM: Individual Documentary
DATE: Aug.9.2014
EQUIPMENT:CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark 3 + Sony fs700
CAMERA LENS:16-35,24-70,70-200,
SOFTWARE: Final Cut Pro + Da Vinci Resolv

Brief introduction:

The theme of Wang Youshen’s exhibition, Every Square Meter, is sober and objective. He himself also looks at the society like a bystander, without putting any personal emotion into it.
Therefore, his film adopts cool colors and many fixed shots. His film is complete, and the upgrade frames are used to show his concentration, for that every sand and seed has its deep meaning. In addition, this time Wang Youshen’s film is based on a serious theme (forced demolition by government), so I think there should be no sign of shooting. Instead, it should display a sober attitude in the simplest way, so that the audience can fully focus on what the artist tried to express, rather than the fancy images. It is also what Wang Youshen wanted.