Shen Ling—Blossom 

TIME: 03Min43s
MEDIUM: Individual Documentary
DATE: Sep.12.2014
EQUIPMENT:CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark 3 + Sony fs700
CAMERA LENS:16-35,24-70,70-200,
SOFTWARE: Final Cut Pro + Da Vinci Resolv


Brief introduction:

Shen Ling is a female artist. Her exhibition is called Flowers and Birds. Most of the flowers in her works are blossoming with bright colors, which is different from her previous works. If her previous works are seen as gloomy and bleak, this set of works makes people feel bright and warm.


Therefore, the first half of her individual documentary was displayed in black and white. The moment when she held her brush, black and white turned into beautiful colors. As what she said, flowers and birds were the carrier of her mind, and the reason that made her blossom. What’s more, this documentary used much foreground shooting, because I considered that when showing female’s mind, direct frames couldn’t fully show the emotions; while foreground shooting could manifest her mind in a more ambiguous way, which could attain the ideal effect.