TIME: 01Min18s
MEDIUM: Experimental Video
DATE: Sep.2015
EQUIPMENT:CAMERA: Black Magic + Epson Projecter
SOFTWARE: Final Cut Pro + Da Vinci Resolv

Our present life started like an empty sheets of paper.
We can not remember our previous life, or foresee our next life.

However, did you have the same memories that sometimes you may feel familiar with surroundings or kind of situation you’ve been through? It happens to me a lot. I thought that maybe caused by dreams until I learned Samsara.
Things you felt were the things you’ve experienced.
There has no possibility for you to meet yourself in same time or same space. And yet,
to some extent ,your senses can be aroused by the left your previous life memories. Don’t be afraid. Don’t feel strange. Don’t tracing your memories.

That’s the evidence you’ve been exist.